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STX 4000 Meat Grinder Reviews – Turboforce Platinum Series #12

Does STX produce the best residential meat grinders? I’m not sure but they have some aspects in their meat grinders that are super useful and unique to STX grinders only. In this article, we are going to get extensive reviews on STX Turboforce 4000 meat grinder. After the read, you will be able to judge whether this meat grinder is good for you or not. Let’s dig into it.

STX Turboforce 4000 Meat Grinder

Specification – STX 4000 Turboforce

Model No.STX-4000-TB2-PD-BL
Dimension19"L x 8"W x 14"H
Weight13 lbs
Maximum Speed225 lbs/ hour
Small Parts MaterialTempered/ Stainless Steel
Feed Tube MateiralCast Aluminum
Motor Power600 W
Voltage110/120 volt

Important Features of STX 4000 Meat grinder


Working motor power of STX Turboforce 4000 is 600 W. Although they have declared is 2000 W which is confusing. This is power what the motor can provide during peak output. The actual working power is 600 W which we should note to compare with other models. We see that a typical residential meat grinder in the market comes with a motor having working power ranging from 350 to 500 W. Therefore, STX 4000 is better in terms of power.

Patented Air cooling

STX 4000 has a patented air-cooling system which they call ‘Quad air cooling’. The advantage of this system is that it will automatically cool down the motor during operation. Therefore, it will save the motor for the damage caused by overheating and thus, the longevity of the motor will be increased.

Grinding speed

The maximum grinding speed of STX TF 4000 is 240 lbs per hour. This much speed is average for a residential meat grinder. Comparing with other popular home meat grinders such as Kitchener #8 and Sunmile G73, we find that these meat grinders have a maximum grinding speed of 240 and 185 lbs per hour respectively. But for a meat grinder with a powerful motor, I think the speed is a little lower.


Below is the list of accessories that come as free with STX 4000 meat grinder:

Grinding Plates6 pcs
Grinding Blades3 pcs
Sausage Stuffer3 pcs
Kibbeh Maker1 pc
Patty maker1 pc
Meat Shredder2 pcs
Meat Pusher1 pc
Foot Pedal1 pc

Comparing with any other meat grinders in the market, STX TF 4000 provides the greatest number of free accessories. For residential user who likes to prepare different kinds of food with the ground meat, different kinds of accessories and attachments might be very useful. Therefore, I highly recommend this one if you like to prepare delicious food such as meatballs, sausage, meat burgers and so on at home. This grinder has a foot pedal as an additional accessory which is optional to use when both of your hands are busy. No other grinder in the market will provide you this accessory for free.

Built material

The grinder head which consists of a feeding tube, auger, and a meat tray is made of cast aluminum. The grinding plates and blades are made of steel. Comparing with other home grade meat grinders, the built material of  STX 4000 is of average quality. The Big Bite series residential meat grinders of LEM Products, such as LEM Big Bite #12 residential model is fully made of stainless steel metal. But the price is quite higher due to using high-quality alloy.


The fishing of this product is excellent which is much better than any other residential grade meat grinder. The design and look of this unit are also quite attractive.


The price of this unit is about 200 bucks. Comparing with other residential meat grinders, it seemed that the price is a bit higher. A basic level meat grinder with the cost you around 100 dollars. An intermediate level home meat grinder costs something around 150 and a commercial grade meat grinder that can be used for the heavy residential purpose may cost around 300. But considering the added value of this unit, I think the price is justified.

Comparing STX with LEM, STX is a far cheaper option with great value for money.

Three different speed motion

This grinder has three different speed options – High, slow and reverse. This is not a common feature for a meat grinder. Slow speed option is important when you need to control the output because you are busy with sausage stuffer or something like this. The reverse is important if there is any meat clogging. Therefore, it helps to unclog and clean the machine up.

Best for?

Residential use– STX Turboforce 4000 is a great machine for using everyday residential purposes. This grinder is one of the most popular residential meat grinders in the USA.

Grinding Soft bones– A powerful 600W motor can manage soft bones of chicken and rabbit quite comfortably. Dried bones can also be fed to prepare fertilizer.

Grinding deer meat – Deer hunters can use this machine for grinding the game. This is a #12 machine which is important to grind larger volume within a short time.

What we liked

  • The motor cooling system increases the longevity
  • Plenty of free accessories
  • Foot pedal to control the grinder without the hands
  • Powerful 600 W motor is good for heavy residential use
  • Big #12 size feeding tube allows a bigger chunk of meat to get in

What we did not like

  • Motor power declaration is confusing. A maximum power rating has been highlighted instead of actual power.
  • Price seemed a little higher to me.
  • Not dishwasher safe.

Final Words

That’s all about STX Turboforce 4000 meat grinder. A residential user cannot expect anything better than this one. Only if negative that I can highlight is the metal alloy which is not the premium quality stainless steel. But the price will go up if you want a fully S/S meat grinder. Therefore, I think STX 4000 is a balanced meat grinder for a regular residential user.

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